2021 Speaking Events

June 13, 2021: Editors Canada Conference: Editors Transform (online). Sheila will present Words Change the World. Do you feel helpless to address the widespread depression, apathy, and unrest that shape our world? Do you want to make a difference? You can! This interactive session for professional editors will explore the power of words to create a more positive outlook and healthy future. Register for the conference here.

July 9, 2021: Banff Park Lodge Writers Workshop Retreat. Sheila will join via Zoom to present Basics of Editing for Writers to workshop participants at bestselling author Victoria Johnson’s writing workshop intensive. Visit Victoria Johnson’s website for more information.

Fall 2021: Shine Like a Supernova: Five Weeks to Starring in Your Own Life (online). This five-week online intensive will guide you through a self-exploration of the supernova life you are meant to live. Sheila will help you develop the tools to discover what’s holding you back, increase your confidence, and celebrate the star that you are. Begins September 17. Weekly live webinar held on Sundays at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET. Contact Sheila for more information or to save your spot. Registration is open now!

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A multi-passionate and lifelong learner, Sheila speaks on these topics and themes:

  • Basics of Editing for Writers
  • Communication (deeper connection in speaking and writing; the power of words)
  • Education (unschooling)
  • Health (natural infant hygiene)
  • Leadership (tools for effective leadership)
  • Personal Development (eliminating shame; embracing vulnerability; overcoming fear)

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What People Say About Sheila

“Sheila’s presentation blew me away! It was so heartfelt, personal and impeccable. I’m so glad I came today. “Raise a little hell” now has a whole new meaning to me.” ~ Becky Beaton, audience member

“Sheila Cameron has spoken several times at the LIFT Speaker Series in Gibsons. Her presentations are imaginative and creative. Her use of story to up-level the meaning and make the content accessible is very effective. Audience engagement is high because she comes across as both strong and vulnerable. She makes sure she’s clear on the parameters for her presentation, such as how to tie her content to the event theme, what her speech timing is, etc.  Anyone booking Sheila for an event will be rewarded with a high-quality, professional presentation that stands out from the crowd.” ~ Katherine Scott, Event Coordinator, LIFT Speaker Series

“Mark and Sheila Cameron present themselves very well. Everyone comments on how nice it is to hear people talking from the heart with feelings. They did a dual performance which was well received by all who attended. Sheila puts so much into her talks that you’re drawn into whatever it may be. They both make a great dual or stand-alone performance.” ~ Ross Harry, audience member

“Sheila and Mark knew their work extremely well … no evidence of notes or written assistance. They used the whole room, played to each other across and around the room space. The audience was engaged way beyond the usual speaking experience. Very effective and quite riveting … expect a strong showing from either one or both of these speakers!” ~ Rod Olafson, audience member

“Sheila has unknowingly (or perhaps knowingly) mentored me for the last three years. Her leadership style is sort of silent but deadly. You don’t realize you are being led and yet you are happy to follow and everyone involved is proud of themselves at the end. Sheila has lots of ideas and in every case, Sheila is the real deal. She walks the talk.” ~ Neil Booth, Toastmasters colleague

“Sheila Cameron, as an author, could have stood up in front of a crowded room at the Gibsons & District Public Library and read her book. She could have easily have checked off ‘author reading’ on her promotional to-do list. But that isn’t Sheila’s way. Instead, the hostess with the mostess engaged the room. She shared a bit of her life while asking members of the audience to do the same. She moderated people’s memories while sprinkling in a healthy dose of humour. She weaved together a presentation that pulled at the heart strings while opening the minds of the audience. She enchanted the room with wisdom, while revealing a bit of her vulnerable side. It felt like she was talking to a room full of friends, with arms wide open, and not unexpected strangers. Sheila is comfortable in front of a small crowd or a room full of book lovers. She is a strong speaker and a strong moderator.” ~ Weegee Sachtjen, Toastmasters colleague

“Sheila continues to contribute her knowledge and skills to fellow Toastmasters through role modelling new strategies for speeches and supporting others with constructive suggestions for better connections with audiences. She has met with me on several occasions to share event-planning goals, encourage ‘next steps’ in my own personal development, and celebrate individual and group successes as they happen. She is an inspiring community leader, who is thoughtfully and passionately sharing her life with others with sensitivity and confidence.” ~ Johanna Rzepa, Toastmasters colleague