Shine Like A Supernova

Five Weeks to Starring in Your Own Life!

Clarity, accountability, and inspiration to help you shine.

This five-week online intensive workshop will guide you through a self-exploration of the supernova life you are meant to live. Discover what holds you back, develop tools to increase your confidence, and celebrate the star that you are.

Week 1 – No More Fuel

To start your supernova journey, we’ll look at what’s been fuelling you and what still holds you back.

Week 2 – Collapsing the Core

We’ll examine layers of belief that keep you reacting on autopilot. You’ll determine what to keep and what to release.

Week 3 – Inner Buildup

Clarity begins with the simplicity of a clear night sky. You’ll choose your spot in the starscape and start designing your star from the inside out.

Week 4 – Expand and Shine

We’ll identify your goals and ask fear to step aside. You’ll take risks to expand your knowledge and growth, and to brighten your shine.

Week 5 – Ripples in the Universe

Every action you take has an impact. We’ll embrace and celebrate your stardust legacy. Shine Bright, Supernova!

Every Week – Live Meeting & Support

We’ll meet live each Sunday at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET, and you’ll receive ongoing support and connection with other participants.

How it Works

Each Friday, you’ll receive approximately two hours of new content to inspire your direction for the week. We’ll meet live on Sundays to fire up your star power. And you’ll be encouraged to complete supernova activities through the remainder of the week. Don’t worry—the activities come in varying degrees of shiny, so you can choose your own comfort zone!

Next Workshop Dates: Sep 17 to Oct 22, 2021
Cost of Workshop: $149
How to Register: Send a message using the Contact form, and I’ll get back to you with more details asap.

“Sheila is an honest and courageous presenter. Her presence is a warm and sincere invitation for deeper listening, self-inquiry and a purposeful outcome. She provokes heart and guides her audience to a journey within senses to be moved and inspired. Her voice is sincere and original; she speaks from her heart with passion and mastery and clear vision.”

Serena Devi

Let’s shine.