We are all stars.

How can we shine a whole lot brighter while we are here? In this collection of heartwarming stories, Sheila Cameron shares inspirational examples of how even small steps have the potential to create ripples of light through the universe.

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What readers are saying about Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life:

Cameron motivates us to step forward to the edge of our personal and cultural comfort zones, and shares her own inner transition journey with honesty, vulnerability and courage. … Cameron’s solutions contain practical wisdom, and tried and tested possibilities. Beautifully written, Shine Bright is woven with fun and creativity … I’d love to see this book used as a catalyst for meaningful discussion within families, book clubs, and community groups. ~Leonie Croy, Co-founding member of Sunshine Coast in Transition CANADA

… like the voice of an older sister sharing an alternative perspective to avoid the traps of living to please others. She’s working through her life. Always the warrior. Always with the question, “What’s really important?” … living like she really does care about the planet and future generations. … If you think ordinary means living to please and impress, and if shining bright means living your values—even if that requires resisting the norm—you will find this book extraordinary. Buy it! You’ll be inspired. ~Michael Worsfold, Enneagram Coach

… a provocative and inspiring portrait of what a life structured on a foundation of integrity and meaning can look like. Such a life is open to all of us. An excellent read for anyone seeking encouragement and tangible ideas for living authentically and “shining bright”. ~Shannon Rosnau, MA, Life Coach and Certified YogaKids Teacher

Sheila has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are chatting with a close friend over a cup of coffee. Her stories are impactful, vulnerable and leave you with the desire to reach for that supernova life! ~Chelsea Turner Avery, founder of The New Wifestyle

Sheila’s work is a testimony to the notion that good parenting isn’t entirely about the child’s growth, rather the growth of the parent too. One doesn’t need a to be a parent to benefit from Sheila’s biographical tales, rather someone interested in embracing a healthier self and richer, environmentally-minded life. ~Denise Holliday, North Vancouver City Librarian

Inspirational and motivating from the first page in, Cameron shares her life’s journey through a series of insights encompassing how she lives her very best life. In this self-reflective book, Cameron opens herself to the reader in a very tangible way – through sharing and connection, she urges us to look at our own lives for understanding into why we are living the way we are. A narrative collection that is thought provoking without pressure makes for an inviting and warm read. ~Christina Stewart, Facilitator, Leadership and Team Builder

I have taken time to absorb over a number of days what is a thoughtful and insightful book. I appreciate the care taken to link the stages of Miss Cameron’s life to follow that of the life of a supernova: an interesting concept. She is honest and open about the ups and downs of her life. The actual text of the book is very well written, with no mistakes, as far as I could see, in the use of English language. It is an inspiring book, which should be made available in our schools. ~Rosemary Allen, Retired Teacher

The author did an excellent job of organizing a series of essays around the supernova theme. The author’s voice is fresh and clear. Her personality comes across clearly, and her assessment of her own strengths and weaknesses makes her very engaging. She is not preaching and is frank about her mistakes. A light, engaging read that nonetheless makes readers examine some of their own choices. ~Whistler Independent Book Award Book Evaluation

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