Editing Services

Clear. Concise. Correct.

I have been helping people share their stories and content since 2006. My strength is in copy and stylistic editing, and I offer proofreading and structural editing services on some projects. I am most interested in helping serious authors with their fiction novels or non-fiction manuscripts. I also provide all levels of editorial feedback on business writing, including web copy, marketing materials and grant proposals.

Every project is unique. Please contact me for rates.


  • content and structure
  • story and plot
  • character development

This is the most subjective part of the writing process. I will help you see your writing from other points of view so that more people will connect with the meaning in your words.


  • language, dialogue, and clarity
  • logic, believability, and fact-checking
  • grammar, spelling, and punctuation

This is my greatest strength in the editing process. I will improve readability, sentence structure, and consistency of tone and flow.


  • typos
  • design glitches
  • last-minute fixes

Your project is nearly done, but every final read is worth it. I will raise your work to a professional level that gets the recognition it deserves.

~ Testimonials ~

“Despite little familiarity with the topic, Sheila was able to make substantive improvements with overall structural alignment and flow, language consistency, style, proofreading, research and reference check suggestions, and encouragement to go deeper than I originally intended with some topics. Her turnaround was quick, provided clear suggestions for improvement, and offered insights that I would not have considered. Sheila catches those little things that if not caught could turn out to be disastrous.  Her attention to detail is remarkable and her ability to see the big picture and how the parts all fit together is awesome. I would not hesitate to recommend Sheila for nonfiction, K-12 education texts and look forward to including her in my next book.”

 ~ Dr. Tony Rice, author of Academic Trust: Closing the Achievement Gap – A Guide for Teachers

“I chose Sheila when searching for an editor because I thought she had the best editing experience. What I didn’t know was that she would actually care about my writing. She cared about each story and how they connected to the book as a whole, and she cared about the success of the book. I hired Sheila to edit my first book and have re-hired her to edit a proposal for my second book. She helped me gather my ideas and lay them out in a way that was understandable to the reader, and she offered tough feedback when it was needed. I appreciate Sheila for all of the extra work she puts into my writing, and I consider her to be a top expert in her field.”

~ Victoria Johnson, author of Do That & Then Some

“It was a pleasure working with Sheila. Her encouragement, positive attitude and sensitivity to my timeline have eased my angst in the daunting process of getting my book ready for publishing. And her skillful editing has, without question, taken my manuscript to the next level.” 

~ Rohanna Goodwin Smith, author of Scent and Soul: The Extraordinary Power of the Sense of Smell

“Every writer needs an editor. No matter how many rewrites you do—mine was a novel—a good editor will make it shine more brightly. That’s what happened when I handed my manuscript to Sheila. I was fortunate to find an editor who is not only meticulous with correcting those niggling grammatical details but one who immersed herself in the work so as to know and understand its moods and characters as though they were her own creations. Sheila’s comments and suggestions were immeasurably helpful in surprising ways, demonstrating a perceptiveness and insight that prompted some worthwhile rewrites but also made true her goal as an editor—to help an author bring their writing up to the next level. Thank you Sheila.”

~ Pamela McGarry, author of The Unsuitable Bride,
short-listed for the Whistler Independent Book Awards

“Sheila is a wonderful collaborator and a joy to work with. Not only is she highly organized and efficient, she brings to the table ideas that help elevate a story.”

~ Attila Luca, Lotusland, Transylvania Productions

“Sheila is incredible! I was on a tight deadline for my master’s capstone project and at the last minute decided that I needed an edit. Sheila was able to work with me although she already had an extremely busy schedule. Sheila goes above and beyond to make sure that your work still has your voice, however, she provides edits and suggestions that also help your writing get to a new level. I highly recommend working with Sheila. I know for future projects I will be reaching out to her every time! Working with her is a rewarding and empowering experience, and I am forever grateful for her support.”

~ Caitlyn, Royal Roads University student

“Thanks so much to Sheila Cameron for the wonderful job she did editing my second children’s mystery book. I thought it was in pretty good shape when I sent it to her, but she showed me how much better it could be. She was great at catching mistakes, pointing out inconsistencies, and tightening up the writing without changing the tone. I’m happy to recommend her for any editing work you need done. I plan to have her look at my third book as well.”

~ M. A. Wilson, author of Adventure on Whalebone Island,
Mystery of the Missing Mask, and S.O.S at Night

“I was so lucky to have Sheila’s support in finishing my final paper for my master’s project. Sheila’s attention to detail, including APA formatting, brought my finished paper to the next level. She was timely and consistent in her feedback. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I would definitely work with Sheila again.”

~ Megan, Royal Roads University student

“I thought that I had done a pretty good job self-editing my first book; in fact, others had told me it was well written. However, just to be safe, I sent it to Sheila Cameron for a thorough copy editing process. I was blown away by the errors that she was able to identify and correct. I am so much happier with my final product and would like to thank Sheila for her meticulous attention to detail.”

~ Bruce Carnegie, author of Loach Pilot

“I appreciated Sheila’s attention to detail, and I found many of her suggestions useful. The suggestions really helped me create a well-polished document for my webpage. In spite of her busy schedule, she was speedy in getting this document edited for me. I greatly appreciate that kind of dedication. She’s awesome!”

~ Haida Bolton, Nature With Haida

“Meticulous, thorough and professional, Sheila Cameron was a dream to work with on my second novel, The Figgs. Her suggestions were clear and strategic, her fact-checking extensive and her approach positive and complete. I was blown away by the quality of her edit and the ease with which the process unfolded. Sheila turned my novel around in a timely fashion and when an agent requested my complete manuscript, she worked around the clock to meet my sudden deadline. Not only is she a superior editor, she is an avid reader and really “gets” the art of story. I plan on hiring her for all of my future projects and have already recommended her services to other authors.”

~ Ali Bryan, author of Roost, short-listed for the
Alberta Book Awards and the Alberta Reader’s Choice Award

“We think our manuscript is just fine, thank you very much. And then, just to be safe, we hand it to a good editor. Sheila Cameron is one of those good great editors. She made me realize why smart writers hire a copy editor. I’ll certainly hire Sheila again (and have) for her keen eye for grammar, punctuation, and stylistic consistency. I was astonished at how many glitches she found in my manuscript. And I especially appreciate the way she offered solutions to problems. Thank you, Sheila!”

~ PJ Reece, author of Story Structure Expedition: Journey to the Heart of a Story
and Throw Mama from the Boat and Other Ferry Tales

“As co-publisher and editor of an online magazine, I published personal, inspiring stories of non-writers. These stories needed to be shared but the majority of them also needed copious amounts of editing. I was overwhelmed. That’s where Sheila came in. Her editing expertise helped each author tell their story in their own voice with the professional delivery of a true writer. I never ceased to be amazed by her turnaround time as her speed allowed me to liaise with writers and move through the publishing process far more quickly than was possible before. While we are no longer publishing, I continue to be grateful for Sheila’s editing prowess and dedication and keep her contact information at the ready for personal projects and to hand out to colleagues. I highly recommend Sheila for any editing requirements you may have.”

~ Sarah Parent, co-author of Chicks Without Bricks

“I have worked with Sheila on numerous projects including proposals, website copy, marketing materials, and a non-fiction book. Each time her edits, comments and recommended changes have significantly improved my original writing. Her attention to detail, responsiveness and support have been second to none. When Sheila is done editing my work, I have complete confidence that it has been thoroughly edited. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with Sheila’s professional editing and her ability to offer concrete suggestions for improving the text. I highly recommend her service to anyone interested in taking their writing to the next level.”

~ Sandra McDowell, founder of eLeadership Academy and
author of Your Mother Was Right: 15 Unexpected Lessons About Leadership and the Brain

“Sheila Cameron is a superb editor, having proved to be a joy to work with while offering excellent feedback. Perhaps her greatest gift is the ability to keep an author’s voice intact while making suggestions that will surely enhance the story. Sheila has my highest recommendation and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ her services in the future.”

~ J. Stirling Robertson, author of Sepsis

“I wrote a true story about my life with my wife who had died from cancer. Most of the material for the book was drawn from extensive journals that I had been keeping for years. As the manuscript neared completion, I prevailed upon Sheila to act as my editor. We live several provinces apart so we used the Internet to send material back and forth. We soon realised that I had enough material for several books so I instructed her to be as ruthless as possible without throwing out anything important. It took three turns of editing the manuscript before we were both satisfied, and I still ended up with a large book of four hundred and sixty pages. Sheila not only did an excellent job of editing but she showed an amazing amount of perseverance that would have made her pioneer ancestors very proud. Thank you, Sheila.”

~ Daniel Watson, author of Hitchhike to Vancouver and Hitchhike to Heaven

“Sheila was very helpful with recommendations and editing our application (several versions) for a community gaming grant. It was our first time applying, and Sheila helped tweak the application so it was a clear, concise and professional submission. The proof was in the end result when we received a very substantial grant for our non-profit organization. Thank you Sheila!”

~ Andrea Kerr, Gibsons Sailing Club