Our First Review!

Goodnight Sunshine Book Cover

It’s been a fun month! We’ve been relaxing into selling books while continuing to research and learn more about the publishing industry, preparing for the holidays, getting caught up on so many things that had been left behind, seeing friends, watching movies, reading, AND we’ve spent time writing. Mark is well into his second fiction novel and I’ve been inspired to put some stories down on the page too. I’m writing non-fiction and will tell you more about it soon.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Goodnight Sunshine and is reading it and sharing your comments with us. We are glad you are enjoying it!

It was pretty cool for Mark to get his first review in one of our local newspapers, The Coast Reporter, last week. The reviewer said, “the characters ring true” which pleased Mark since he put a lot of thought and effort into developing them.

I was fortunate to get my own plug when she said, “Unlike many self-published books, this one is refreshingly free of editing errors – enough to make any book reviewer sigh with relief.”

Which made me sigh with relief too.

Happy holidays!


    1. Thanks Sandra! Merry Christmas to you and your family too! I’ve been fondly recalling memories of when we used to sing carols out on the streets on Christmas Eve!


    1. Thank you Carol. And thank you for being the Calgary distribution channel for us! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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