When the Wife Steps Out

No. Not like that. I am still in my marriage. 100%. What I mean is stepping out from the shadow.

There is a part of me that feels more comfortable when Mark is in the spotlight and I’m hiding behind him. I’ve spent much of my life hiding like that. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. There is a certain intelligence in knowing where our strengths lie, and knowing when to step out versus when to allow the bolder partner to stand in the forefront.

Mark waited for years for me to write a book before he finally jumped ahead to complete the task. And I was more than happy to cower behind him while nudging him to keep going forward into that light. I still haven’t completed a writing project but I continue to keep a few of them simmering.

We’ve been working on a new plan. It means letting go of a few things — like Earthly Journeys (stopped operations mid-April, 2016) — and Mark is seeking a new path for FUSE Community Work Hub. We are beginning to focus on a new commitment to writing and publishing. It will be a long slow build. Building our author platforms one reader at a time. Building services that support authors and independent publishers, raise the bar for self-publishing and make the most of our skills.

I feel fortunate to have found a skill that is also a passion. I love editing. I want to shout about it. Well, I don’t really want to, but I am learning how to. I’ve been doing it quietly in the shadows for more than ten years, but now I’m going professional. I joined the Editors’ Association of Canada. I created a LinkedIn account. I have a new resume. I’m ready to shine.






  1. Congratulations, Sheila! It’s great to see you feeling such confidence in the choice of a new direction!
    ONWARD! Love Carol&Allan


  2. My dear Sheila, I loved you in the shadow and I love you when you shine. Congratulations on “Stepping out” and may your light shine for many years to come. Love Mum


    1. Thanks Mum! I hope you still love me when I shine a light on my childhood with my memoir … ha ha … not to worry … it’s all good!


      1. No, it’s not. Look out, Mom! And I don’t even know you, or Sheila, much, and certainly nothing of her childhood. But what little I know of Sheila, I’m sure her memoir will make you proud — even if some skeletons come tumbling out of the dishwasher.


      2. There was no dishwasher, PJ. I did ALL those dishes ALL by myself by hand … even the big greasy turkey roaster and the cast iron fry pan that I could barely lift. Oh woe. Ha ha. Funny how nowadays I actually enjoy doing dishes … and I nearly always snub the dishwasher …


  3. I think you already shine too. I just think the world of you Sheila Cameron. The world needs people like you and is better for it. Can’t wait to see what else you offer the universe. 🙂


  4. A tiny correction here, we actually did have a dishwasher in the same house where the pool was, but I liked your “poor you” comment. love Mum


    1. Sure you are, “Mum.” Don’t we all secretly yearn for a healthy dose of disillusionment. What a relief when the truth comes out. You’ll be a free woman. Just be careful dancing in the streets. Not many out there are free.


      1. Oh right, the canned worms. Those must have been kept next to the hidden dishwasher. I’d better get my memoir done before I forget anything else!


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