Supernova Review 2

Shannon Rosnau
Shannon Rosnau

Shannon Rosnau. What a gift. I met Shannon through our Distributed Learning homeschool program only eight years ago, and it feels like we have packed a lifetime of experiences into that time already. Shared values, shared desires, shared travel, shared spaces and shared meals have all contributed to a supernova friendship. Though we live in separate places and see each other infrequently, our time is always packed with thoughtful conversation, blissful food and children interrupting — and I mean that in the most beautiful way. Shannon creates an atmosphere that Mark (my husband) recently described as one of the few places he feels completely accepted. Our whole family feels that way. Whether we have a quirk, a demand, tears, a lot to say, or a need to sit quietly and read — Shannon makes us feel like we belong.

Shannon is also darn smart, which is why I asked her if she would review my book. She has a Masters degree in Political Science, she is a Life and Relationship Coach, she has self-studied many enlightening subjects through voracious reading, and she has an amazing memory. All this while nurturing four fabulous children to be their fabulous best, which they are. Shannon’s latest undertaking combines her love of yoga with her love of children and how they learn — she has become a Certified YogaKids Teacher. She has a special interest in how yoga can help kids with dyslexia.

Shannon tells me she doesn’t have a “web” presence yet. But believe me, she has a “presence” — our world is so lucky to have her.

Here is Shannon’s review of Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life

“Small things make a big difference. Change is possible. We can re-program our brains. These are just a few of the many stellar takeaways to be gleaned from the inspiring new book, Shine Bright: Live a Supernova Life by Sheila Cameron.

Cameron—in her quest to live in accordance with her values—approaches life with ‘beginner’s mind’. Open to personal growth and change, she courageously challenges her own habits and patterns, as well as societal norms. In turn, the reader is presented with a provocative and inspiring portrait of what a life structured on a foundation of integrity and meaning can look like. Such a life is open to all of us. An excellent read for anyone seeking encouragement and tangible ideas for living authentically and ‘shining bright’.”

– Shannon Rosnau, MA, Life Coach and Certified YogaKids Teacher

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