Supernova Review 4

Chelsea Avery
Chelsea Avery

Chelsea Avery. This woman is the real deal. Living her dreams, sharing her truth and setting an example of leadership in all she does. Chelsea blogs regularly at, a website dedicated to empowering women and our relationships. She posts about self-empowerment, motivation and motherhood. She posts about acts of kindness, improved communication, and equality in marriage. Her words get me thinking about how I can be a better partner in my relationship. And her “married life chats” are a riot. Here’s one of my favourites.

Chelsea also talks about setting goals and dreaming big. Actually, she and her husband, Ryan Avery, don’t just talk about dreaming big … they live it! Chelsea coached Ryan in his successful quest to become the 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking. The two of them now offer keynote speeches and workshops around the world. When the couple set an intention to do a professional public speaking event on all seven continents on Earth — they did it — they fulfilled their dream. Chelsea lives in the United States and I’m hoping her next big dream is to run for President.

I’d like to say that I’m proud to know her … but, wait … I don’t know her!

I watched Chelsea’s Vocal Women webinar a year or two ago. And l read her blog every time she posts, so I feel like I know her. But we’ve never actually met in person. And that makes Chelsea’s review feel like the real deal too. It’s hard to get the attention of people who don’t know you, let alone ask them to commit to reading your book and follow through with some feedback about it. She has a busy schedule, and oh, did I mention she is also a new mom? I can relate to the challenges of learning that role for the first time. I’m guessing she had to forfeit some sleep or a shower — or some other precious thing — to follow through on her commitment to me. Thank you, Chelsea! Your light is so appreciated … keep on shining it bright!

Here is Chelsea’s review of Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life

“Sheila has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are chatting with a close friend over a cup of coffee. Her stories are impactful, vulnerable and leave you with the desire to reach for that supernova life!” — Chelsea Turner Avery, founder of The New Wifestyle

And with that, I leave you to anticipate the upcoming release. Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life will be available through all sales channels in just two more days!


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