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Love Warrior book giveaway
Love Warrior cover

Truth-tellers and memoir lovers! This book giveaway is for you. The #togetherlive2017 tour in Seattle gave out free softcover versions of Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, but I already have a copy of this fabulous memoir. I can’t wait to pass on this book to an eager reader. But how to choose among all the lovely deserving folks out there? Together Live is a revolution of truth-telling, bravery, and social action rising up across the globe. Let’s try a book giveaway that engages readers to raise their own voice!

Here’s the five-star review of Love Warrior that I posted on Goodreads in January:

A friend gifted me a hardcover copy of this gorgeous book. It is art all the way through. Beautifully designed inside and out. Beautifully shared story. I love the honesty and the storytelling. When I write my memoir, I want it to be this good.

I think it’s interesting that I said “I love the honesty” in the book … and that Glennon’s new partner said on stage last week that she could see right through it. I think honesty comes in waves. Even when we believe we are being our truest self in one moment, there may be a limit to how far we can go at the time. I really appreciated Glennon’s integrity when she went ahead and made the announcement (just prior to her book release) that she was leaving her marriage. Her truth had gotten even truthier at the eleventh hour, and she was super brave to reveal it. Her new love story was beautifully shared on stage at Together Live, but Love Warrior is still a wonderful memoir about love and compassion and forgiveness and moving forward.

Memoir is a small window into a slice of a person’s life. When we gain a new perspective and then look back in time, it can be hard to believe that we ever felt the way we did. But memoir takes us back there, back to the truth of what we felt in those moments at that time.

I aim to publish my own truth-telling memoir in 2018. In the meantime, you might like to read Love Warrior!

How to enter this book giveaway:

Raise your voice. Post a comment at the end of this blog post or on the @StarringSheila Facebook page and answer this question: What is true for you right now? It could be a story, a feeling, a memory, a message, a sensory experience, or whatever feels right to you in the moment … trust your truthiest instinct and share it!

If staying quiet is what is true for you right now, then you can:

Subscribe to receive the OR like/follow the @StarringSheila Facebook page. Either of those actions will keep you in touch with inspiration. Then you can take your time to raise your voice and share your truth when you are ready.

I will do my best to keep track of everyone who participates! A name will be drawn at random on October 16. I will announce the winner, get in touch with them privately to collect their mailing address, and I will pop a copy of Love Warrior in the mail. Good luck!


  1. Since you already have a copy of this book, and I’m lucky enough to live with you, I’ll skip entering the draw 🙂 … but thanks for this great and inspiring post! What is true for me right now is a growing sense of detachment … from stuff and tasks and schedules and outcomes and expectations. And the flip side of that detachment is faith. Faith in what? I’m not sure. I’m looking for your next blog post to pull that out of me.


    1. Thanks Mark. I recommend you read the book. I’ve moved it to your shelf! Thanks for participating with a comment on what’s true for you. Since I am also lucky enough to live with you, those things hold a lot of truth for me too. Looking forward to finding more faith in ?? together with you. xo


  2. What is true for me right now?

    As I sit here by my pc, thinking about the “truthier truth”, I struggle. There are thoughts that I never share & wouldn’t.

    What I know for sure is that I enjoy my work & absolutely LOVE Toastmasters, working with the trio, DDs, ADs, and everyone I interact with. I look at this (my role in TM) as an incredible opportunity to stretch myself further. To be a better leader. To empower others. To learn from and with others.

    And then later…. Will I have the courage to make huge changes in my life? Will I be open to things that I know are good for me and I enjoy, yet my brain steps in & finds million reasons why not? Will I believe what I preach? Will I use the same measure for me as I do for others?


    1. Vladimira, Thank you for sharing what is true for you right now. Toastmasters will keep you busy this year for sure, and your personal growth will be amazing. But I hear you on the questions that you are asking about later. Someone asked me a powerful question recently, which was “Are you willing to be heard?” I’ve been examining that idea ever since. I hope you can look back at your comment in 20 years and see what stayed true for you and what changed!


  3. What is true for me right now is questioning if I’m doing the right thing in this moment as in the next moment. The right thing that makes me feel whole in this moment or contributes to a future goal. Also dealing with those thoughts of feeling like it or not feeling like it!


    1. Doing the right thing in each moment seems like a great goal in itself. I like the idea of doing the next right thing … if it turns out to be wrong, I can correct it by doing the next right thing. But feeling like it? Yikes! The only sure thing for me is homemade chocolate chip cookies — I always feel like them!


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