Do You Have Three Wishes for 2018?

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Three BIG Wishes for 2018!

I have three wishes for 2018. I’m sharing them here in the spirit of the Triple-A Attitude that I wrote about a while back.

I am excited about 2018! It is looking to be a year with a lot of focus and intention. There are some things I can do on my own. And there are some where I will need help. That’s where the first A comes in—the Ask.

My Three Asks

I am putting my service items first, because service is one of the core values I practise and celebrate.

1. Every community needs good leaders. How can we develop good leaders? Toastmasters has improved my life in so many ways—giving me the courage to speak in front of a room of people, the skills to share my words in a concise and meaningful way, as well as teaching me leadership skills like facilitation, negotiation, coaching, and asserting myself effectively. I’d like for others in my community to experience the same. If you want to contribute to the community of Gibsons, BC, I ask you to step into a Toastmasters meeting and see how it can change your life … and our world.

Morningstars; Coastmasters; Beachcombers Click on the club names for more info or send me an email. If the club websites happen to be out of date … maybe they need your leadership!

2. The Coast Car Co-op (CCC) is my new favourite transportation choice (when I’m not walking, riding my bike, or taking the bus). This year I’ve joined the fundraising committee to help the CCC burn the debt that was incurred to start the co-op in 2014. The CCC is environmentally friendly, promotes conscious transportation and is a valuable resource providing affordable transportation for over 100 community members and another 100 casual users. No matter where you live, I ask you to support the fundraising efforts with a donation that goes straight toward the CCC’s debt repayment.

You can send an e-transfer directly to or link to the Go Fund Me page to make a credit card donation.

3. And here’s one for me. Amazon reviews are like gold to authors. I am aiming for a minimum of 50 reviews on my first book published last year. I presently have 19 reviews on and 10 on mostly due to a lot of awesome pre-release readers. Verified purchases are the best. If you haven’t already bought or reviewed a copy of Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life, I ask you to take a moment to purchase a copy now and review it. It works best if you are already an Amazon customer.

Click on or in paragraph above to link to the purchase site.

Then read on to see how I will Appear and Appreciate you for supporting one or more of my Asks.

Three Ways I Will Appear in 2018

1. Morningstars meets weekly on Wednesdays from 7am to 8:30am at Harmony Hall. Coastmasters meets weekly on Thursdays from 6:15pm to 8pm at Gibsons Chamber of Commerce office in Sunnycrest Mall. Beachcombers Advanced club meets monthly on the 3rd Friday from 6pm to 8pm at Sita’s Restaurant. I’d love to introduce you to any or all of these clubs. Let me know when you plan to visit, and I will be there.

2. I will be showing up at Coast Car Co-op events throughout 2018 and maybe even on your doorstep. I will always be ready to accept your donations!

3. Book promotion is hard work. I am way more motivated to serve others than serve myself, but I will show up all year to continue growing my author platform. Meanwhile, the best thing I can do is write my next book. Yes, I will be showing up to write a powerful and inspiring story.

Three Ways I Will Appreciate You

I will be super appreciative of anyone who jumps on board with any of the above!

How appreciative?

Massive thanks to start! Let me know if you prefer to be thanked publicly or privately.

Next, free books!

1. If you join one of the Gibsons Toastmasters clubs between now and April, you will receive a free paperback copy of my book, Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life or Mark’s book, Goodnight Sunshine. Bonus: two more books if you step up to join an executive team to boost your leadership skills—elections are in May. Be sure to tell me that this post inspired your interest in a Gibsons Toastmasters club.

2. If you donate a minimum of $25 to the Coast Car Co-op, you will receive a free paperback copy of my book, Shine Bright: Live A Supernova Life and/or Mark’s book, Goodnight Sunshine. For a $50 donation, you will receive two books. Message me to let me know how/where you donated.

3. If you purchase a copy of Shine Bright: Live a Supernova Life through Amazon AND post a review, you will receive your choice of a paperback copy of Shine Bright or Goodnight Sunshine. Message me to let me know when your review has been posted on Amazon.

Thank you for considering my three wishes for 2018. I hope your year is shaping up as beautifully as mine!


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