Write, Outrageous Women. Write!

woman silhouette in sunset

This week I was invited to speak at a Literary Salon along with four other fabulous female writers. The event was in celebration of International Women’s Day, and the theme was OUTRAGEOUS women.

What a joy to be our outrageous selves and read aloud our outrageous stories to a receptive and appreciative audience. All while acknowledging the gift of living in a country that allows women to speak freely at all.

Inspired by this article that permits and urges women to write their stories as therapy, I dared to share some pieced-together excerpts from the first draft of my memoir. Questions I received about my work spun me into a philosophical debate with myself about patriarchal conditioning and moved me toward deeper understanding of my mother’s position when she ended her marriage to my father.

That’s the process. Write. Share. Inquiry. Thinking. More writing. Is it therapy? Self-help? Life coaching? Does it matter what we call it? I don’t think so. Let’s just do it.


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